This Will Be Hard

Here We Go Again - Starting over once more

Learning - I can see where this is going

The Wider World - Going to work and admitting failure

The Big Rock - Jars and the aggregate

Constraints - The infinite as the enemy of the good

He is Risen Indeed - Faith with reason

Routine - Finding room for important work

Kindling - Preparing to have an idea

No Magic - What if the muse won't come?

Iteration - More consciously experimenting

So Good? - Good in forty years

My Antilibrary - Known and unknown

Mistakes Were Made - Mistakes and motivation

The Sovereign Individual - Seeking parallels

Every Time - One of life's great mysteries

Today and Tomorrow - Who and what

The Thief - Writing my way to an answer?

Some twbh History and a Book Recommendation - Sometimes learning derails a project

No One Knows - What's best?

Better is Better - Questioning and iterating

Unreliable - Should I give in?

Book Club - Reading together

Homework? - Your assignment, should you choose to accept it

Stockdale Stoic - Learning by example

Novel Avoidance - Anything but that

So I Will - Toothaches and puppies