This Will Be Hard

Book Club

Fiction has always had an important place in my life, and recently, it’s been the better part of what I am reading. I don’t make rules for what I read (with the exception of not allowing myself much time on social media), but I always try to have at least one “learning” book going alongside whatever I am reading purely for fun.

The challenge, as ever, is time, so I want to put some external pressure on myself. To that end, I am initiating the first ever twbh Book Club. If you have a book you love, or one you’ve been meaning to tackle, @ mention potatowire on either Twitter or or email me at potatowire·com. If I don’t get any suggestions by Friday, I’ll select something from my antilibrary. I’ll do some sort of poll if I get a lot of suggestions.

I will divide the selected book into pieces and devise a schedule based on a reasonable daily reading amount. Each I’ll post the big takeaways, and if I have any reason to anticipate audience participation, I’ll add the ability to comment here. I will also interleave Q&A as full posts in this case.

Like everything I do, I am undertaking this as an experiment, but I think it will be fun. I hope you’ll join me.

Current Book

The Practicing Stoic by Ward Farnsworth