This Will Be Hard

Past Projects

I loved old twitter, and first showed my real self there. I miss those days. I was “mostly anonymous,” and Dr. Drang once called me inimitable.

My first real online writing was doing the show notes for the Technical Difficulties Podcast [pours one out]. Due to hosting swapping, it’s not online as I write this, but I’ll post a link when it returns.

In early 2016, I started writing at, and I wrote every day there for several months, beginning with the theme of making changes “with the grain”. After a lot of daily writing (nothing like the real masters, but still). I actually did get a lot better, in what I called phase 2, but it was a lot of work, and I ran out of gas.

I had a brief run of eclectic programming in The Stream, which had a pretty good reason for being but not a lot of impetus.

After I retired from the Navy I started This Will Be Hard, but I never really got into the groove there. We’ll see if my new project does any better.