This Will Be Hard

About This Site

twbh is the acronym I internally used to refer to my previous project This Will Be Hard. That project too quickly lost steam, but I liked the concept too much to completely abandon it. Because most things are hard.

I am mostly anonymous, but not really on purpose anymore. This site will track my interests and the process of me always trying to get better. Topics here will vary from 3d printing to Steelers football to theology. I will ever be a dilettante who wishes he was a polymath.

You may notice I don’t include many links in my posts (although I used to). I apply a Message-to-Garcia standard for any readers who choose to stick with me. I reserve the right to explain a reference with a link any time it gives me an excuse to link to a Scrubs or Parks and Rec video.

I also have no statistics or tracking on this site. Nor do I usually use affiliate links. Stats and affiliate links are fine (tracking is not) but these tools do not befit my goal for the project. This site runs on a $5-a-month DigitalOcean Droplet, and since I do like the idea of breaking even eventually, and that target is so small, I will periodically use DigitalOcean affiliate links. I hope you don't mind that.