This Will Be Hard

Here we go again

It seems like I’ve written this posts many times already. I like to write on the web, evidentally, but this has been a challenge in recent years. About a year ago, I tried to start out again, but I set too high a purpose. I was trying to do too much.

This time, my only purpose is to have a place to get things out of my head. It will track my interests, which vary widely, and I am not sure how much I will post. I tend to be a very binary person, so I think I will make my myself post everyday. That means the signal-to-noise ratio will be quite high, but that will have to be okay.

I also became bogged down previously by trying to have something like intellectual rigor. I wanted to be sure to include lots of contextual links and an footnote my sources. This made it hard for me to write. This time I will be posting what I think, even when what I think is in a state of flux. I try to be changeable, so this flux is a feature not a bug.

If I commit to posting regularly, sometimes these posts will be more like tweets. Since I’m more of an old-twitter typ of guy, I will be posting these shorter thoughts in the world. Hopefully you will soon see those posts in the sidebar, which brings me to the very bones of this here site.

I tried nearly all of the online publishing systems, and I didn’t like something about each of them. Given that, I might as well take complete ownership of my online destiny. I enjoy programming and tinkering around with web technology, so this place will give me an excuse to do some of that. That means this site will change a lot, and it will quite likely be intermittently or permanently ugly and broken. I am okay with that too, because this project is largely for me.

All that being said, this project is really just another iteration of This Will Be Hard, because it still will be hard. The this is just more general and complete, because I will be documenting what becomes of me during this third phase of my life. The first was childhood, the second was my Navy career, and the third will be from now until upside-down question mark.

Here we go.