This Will Be Hard


I tend to learn haphazardly, and I was on that path again today. For obvious reasons, I am not happy with the design of this site, but I made myself hit publish yesterday, because I felt the perfectionism monster waiting for me just around the corner.

Today I got cracking on making things responsive and a little prettier. Some general display:float work got me looking at techniques for a proper hamburger menu, which started me on the path scss, which got me copy-and-pasting more than understanding, which brings me to now.

Without needing a crystal ball, I could foresee a day of cludgy work and no writing. In the end, I’d have learned nothing new and written nothing new. And I’d be sad.

Instead, I did what I hope is the smart thing and started a new git branch for the work I began, and I’ll go backward a few steps in my learning process. I’ll hold on to the current design a little longer and have something to publish instead.

I think this is better.