This Will Be Hard


One of my challenges during the last few days is how to write again. I did keep a paper journal for quite a while, but that writing could stay unfinished and unpolished, since no one will ever read it.

When I kicked this project off, I had time to write late in the day, but it quickly became evident (by two days in row of bad work) that late-day creative energy was too rare for me to rely on. So, instead I started writing in the morning, after my hard reading was complete.

This seemed like it would work well, until I noticed (as in my wife told me) that I was a bit of a jerk to my family throughout the rest of the day. Writing and finalizing the posts first-thing was the only common thread in two days of bad behavior, and I think maintaining my focus while my family vied for it was too great a strain. I chose poorly in letting the writing win-out.

Needing a new plan, yesterday I decided I would write until the first kiddo wandered out of bed, finishing my post whenever I could, later in the day. This was much better, as evidenced by my improved attitude and behavior, even though yesterday’s post was a hard one to write and publish.

I think this will be good, and I know I can edit and think well(ish) throughout the entire day. My ability to write, from scratch at least, seems to be the perishable good.

I am a big fan of routine, and I seem to be unable to stick with something I can’t fit into a normal day. If I need a special day to do a special task, I might as well schedule failure. If something is important, it deserves a place in my everyday. I think writing is important.