This Will Be Hard

The Thief

I spent the morning failing to write. I went through a lot of old notes and built-out some new drafts, but once I was in the exploring mode, I lost the writing mode. I know this is what happens, but knowing isn’t doing.

It was interesting reviewing my old notes, however. I mostly wondered why past-me bothered, and some snippets were completely inexplicable (what am I supposed to do with “airlocks”?!?), but the gestalt of them brought me back in time.

In all my past gtd failures, I failed most often in building the weekly review habit. I captured, and I did not review. I mostly did not do. My mind was never like water. I was still okay, but I should have been better.

This morning’s experience has me wondering if I should have tailored the weekly review more to my unique disfunction. Instead of executing a perfect routine, I built no routine. I waited until I could do it right, instead of doing anything, regularly. The perfect is the enemy of the good and all that.

Maybe today was my first weekly review?

The quote below started out as a random addition to a non-post, but it now fits in quite nicely.

"Procrastination is the thief of compound interest”

Venkatesh Rao